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Have a look at our life from another prospective, from the outside. Reaffirm the values and principles of our society playing this well-known simulator. Try different parts of the game and enjoy more possibilities to create a united family, advance in career or have a rest. Be the person who is watching a movie but has a power to change the plot. Be a writer who invents a happy end for his story. Everything seems familiar in the world of Sims, so act as you would in real life.

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Diversity of characters

Let your imagination free and work on the sims’ appearance. Pretty, ugly, tall, short, thin or plump, redheaded, blond or green-eyed people can appear in the list of your sims. Take inspiration from the personalities you know or ever met. Wouldn’t it be funny to mock at someone who looks the same as your ex? Think of a suitable name for the character, dress him and what’s even more important, add a few traits to complete the image. Persistent sims will reach their goals, pet-lovers will always have an animal beside to cope with stress, creative sims will make things and sell them and bad guys will stay sad and lonely. In fact, it’s up to you whether to improve a person’s life or spoil it. In addition, there are people of different generations in the game. Everybody has his own interests and duties. Pensioners will mostly stay inside the house but sometimes you’ll have to fulfill tasks to help them with routine problems.

Places to live and to visit

The player is responsible for building a house for the sims and design it. Every character needs a bed and a bathroom, so create enough rooms and furniture to make everyone feel comfortable. Guests will come to your place too. Perhaps, a living room requires more space then? You’ll find all the necessary stuff in the shop. When sims want a change of scenery, there are several locations to visit. They can go skiing to the mountains in winter and have fun walking in the snow. Another extreme option is a trip on the island. There you’ll witness a volcano eruption and will have to take some safety measures. The countryside can be a perfect variant of a family rest: grow healthy food and ride a bike along the flowered streets. Sociable sims will be fond of the mega-city where they can go to festivals and public events. Each of these wonderful places will become a source of motivation and bring positive vibes for your characters. Use all the opportunities to make them smile, love and respect each other. Turn their life into a fairy tale!

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