Sims 3

Have you ever wanted to be like Bruce Almighty? The Sims 3 gives you a chance to control the life of a small family, which is created by you as well. The gameplay in this sandbox is almost limitless. Here you have up to eight virtual people that are dependent on your choice, but you can stop at three or five members – there are no rules here.

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The plot doesn’t have a strict line and the game can continue till there is at least one character alive. And if you are careless and all heroes die, you just pick up another object to play with. There are two main goals that you have to follow and complete. Your sims are different, but all of them have their basic needs, and you take care of their meals, sleep, work and other things. Working option is very important, because you are the one who buys different items of furniture and interior design, and you have to pay special currency that your sims are earning for you. When you have little money, you can purchase something simple, and later when you have enough coins, you can sell old furniture and get something better.

Every day lasts only 24 minutes, and one game minute equals the usual hour in human life. You have the option of speeding the time, if your character is sleeping or working. Each character has a crystal above his or her head, and thanks to it, you can see the mood of this person and by pressing a special button, you will see what he or she desires right now. You can create a house of elderly people or a young family with numerous toddlers, so their goals and moods will be different. When you invent a hero, you give certain characteristics to him or her, and this influences the skills and achievements a lot. The kinder and more caring your sim is, the easier it is to make friends, find love or get a promotion.

Each job has a certain scale that allows you to get a higher position, but only if you don’t oversleep and do all the required things. It is not so easy to guide a life of so many people, so you can start with just a few members, and then create a new family. There are no strict rules, and you can make your people choose the destiny you want or turn it into a nightmare – it’s all up to you. Add new colors to your world and live a few lives at once with your sims!

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