This simulator reminds of a dollhouse, where you control everybody’s lives and influence their emotions. At first, the developers expected the game to be a total failure as dollhouses interest mostly girls. However, another team gave it a second chance and The Sims gained worldwide popularity. If you have never tried playing it, do it now. Feel yourself the almighty God who decides people’s fates. Who are actually sims? They are virtual people from the suburbs of the imaginary city.


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They act like ordinary humans, which means go to work, have families, find more opportunities for self-development, enjoy their daily routine or hate it. In the majority of cases everything depends on the player. If you want a character to pick up a hobby, he’ll do it. If you decide to have fun and send him to a bad company, the sim will obey too. It’s important to choose the right traits of character that might be useful for him in the future. Creative skills might come in handy if you’d like your sim do some crafts. Or, for instance, luck can play a leading role in business. All these small details will bear fruit, you’ll see. Of course, you can work on his appearance as well.

Every person of this game has his/her own needs that you’ll have to satisfy accomplishing numerous tasks. Sometimes it will be nice to embellish the house with new items of furniture or décor. Sims can buy things from eight categories such as lighting, appliances, seating, plumbing and others. The shop has got a wide assortment of goods. Shopping can cheer up your characters, and when they get positive vibes, you get extra points. In fact, treats can also help if your sim feels sad. All like in real life situations where emotional well-being is a big deal. What else puts a smile on people’s faces? Good salary. Nobody is going to give you money just like that, your grown-up sim has to build a career himself.

You can read information about the requirements for a post in a newspaper, reflect on pros and cons and go to your first working day. Unfortunately, you won’t see the place but what you should do is pay attention to the sim’s mood after his returning home. Is it still the same? It will be easier if you have kids because they can always lift spirits and bring joy to their parents’ life. If your sim is a bachelor with no friends, you’d better take care about that as soon as possible – all of us need love, communication and support. The game will definitely teach you some universal values!

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