Sims 4

The Sims 4 has come through 12 updates since 2014. They allow the characters to experiment with their styles, get involved in more activities, visit other locations and cities or even look beyond the limits of reality. First things first, though. As you know, the game represents a simulator where you control people’s actions, cope with their emotions, encourage them to achieve success in various areas of social life and not only.

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Start with creating your sims, build a house for them and watch the characters interacting with each other. Every single detail can influence their behavior and mood. And you are the only person responsible for the consequences. Make them suffer or cheer them up – do what you want. If you are Officer Friendly, you’ll contribute to their education and career. If you play a role of an evil genius, you’ve got everything to destroy the sims’ life without hesitation. Anyway, you’ll have fun realizing one of the plans. So, what is new in the world of Sims 4? Oh, lots of things.

Due to the update of 2015, you can control characters at the workplace and tease their colleagues. The same year players got a possibility to open a nightclub in the game. Now sims can communicate with the cream of society and visit other cafes and restaurants. If you need more entertainment, go to San Myshuno, a home of festivals and public events. In addition, you can do sports or sing karaoke in this coastal city. Since 2018, your physical activity depends on the seasonal weather, in other words, sims prefer swimming in summer and skiing in winter. When your characters are bored and are looking for adventures, send them to the island called Sulani. Exotics guaranteed.

Sunbathe on the beach, try local food, and get to know interesting people, or add a bit of extreme to your daily routine and save your friends from a volcano eruption. Life’s on the island is full of unexpected situation – it will make the sims feel alive again. On the other hand, not everyone likes active leisure, that’s why in 2020 another update of the game was introduced to the world. Players are permitted to choose knitting as a hobby for their sims. Master the technique and create lots of warm clothes for your family and kids. You can also sell them at auction and make some cash for your own needs. Boost your imagination and find different ways to react on the situation. Take advantage of everything you do in the Sims 4!

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