Sims 4 Create a Sim

Why is it so captivating to create virtual people? Perhaps, that’s because of our basic desire of controlling others. It might also be artistic skills that a player wants to put into practice. You can imagine yourself a plastic surgeon and attain the ideal proportions, or be someone who hates perfectionism and come out with fat and ugly characters.

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We used to give a name to our dolls in childhood and the same is here. The players think of age, name, gender, physical appearance and traits for their sims. How would you like them to look? Drag different parts of face and body to change their size and shape, pick up the colour of skin and eyes, decide on the hairstyle and accessories. Then scroll through the catalogue of clothes and choose outfit for various occasions: parties, gym, official meetings, home.

If it’s a girl character, there should be something pretty in her wardrobe to impress the male sims and encourage them to ask her out. Boys feel comfortable in any attire, but a couple of nice shirts will always come in handy in the office or during romantic dates. Another important step in creating your sims is dealing with their features of character, which should match their aspirations. It will be easier for them to find a job and promotion, when they are determined and ambitious. Children will meet a new pet with pleasure and take care of it, if they love animals. Sounds obvious but follow this advice and see what happens. Make your sims look beautiful and feel happy. Or not.

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